Know Us Better!

Because knowing us is loving us...

you need to stop...

You are used to live by default.

Something comes, then you react.

Something happens, then you face it the best you can.

Is it all what life is about?

Why not doing something different… ONCE AND FOR ALL?

Why not being yourself? Unapologetically. Shamelessly. Powerfully.

...and begin again. from scratch.

Maybe it sounds scary:

you are used to a certain kind of life, a certain kind of job, friends, people around you…

but think again: maybe all that’s your “normal life” is just someone’s normal life, not yours. 

because you are not that woman anymore. Because you want something different from life. 

...because this is what you really want.


Living just the way you've always dreamt of, without shame, fear of regrets.

Do you live like you want?

your projects

Doing what you love. Because not everyone needs to love what you do.
Just you.

Do you love what you do?


Because you are tired of labels, of trying to satisfy someone else's expectations about who to be, what to do or any other thing.

Do you love who you are (or pretend to be)?

What we do

We go by your side, while you choose the life that you really want to live and make it come true.

We give you the tools you need to help you in your journey.

We listen to you, help you to find your own answers and give you space to think about who you really are and what you really want.

We support you under all circumstances, in all the decisions and changes you make.

There’s only one right answer: the one you choose.

Why we do it

We Design and Build Lives.

And we do it because we don’t believe in living a life by default. Life is so precious that SHOULD BE LIVED CONSCIOUSLY, being aware of every choice

How we do it

We help you to change your life thanks to your personal work, life architecture and creating a community:

  • Empowering you through a deep inner work and self-knowledge
  • Inspiring you through dreaming and planning your authentic life
  • Keeping your consistent development, and creating a strong community around you


Being a Billionaire. Inspiring thousands of lives.
Making this world even better.
Writing a second book.
Becoming a successful multipreneur.
Helping thousands of lives to change, ...

rosa m. gil sánchez



Woman of few words, just the right ones.

Loves challenges, learning about many things and creating possibilities (mainly where they don’t seem to exist).

Wanna talk to her? Just click here:


Born and raised in Spain. Former Engineering student. Worked in corporate world for more than 15 years, focusing on training, leading teams and developing talent. Has 3 cats and a dog. Loves design and creativity. Self-learning is essential in her life. Got her Coaching Certificate in 2013. 

What They Say About Us...

[...] She is enthusiastic about helping others to realize their dreams and has a straight-forward approach to her work. [...] Rosa is savvy, smart, insightful and resourceful with a witty sense of humor.
Esther Bailey-Bass
Coach | Speaker | Circle Guardian
Rosa is an amazing coach who encourages you to think differently, to dream big and to be courageous in achieving scary goals. She’s creative and acts out of the box, as if there’s no box at all. If you want encouragement, accountability and life changing ideas & insights, plan your sessions with Rosa.
Nicoline Huizinga
CEO Personaleyes
With Rosa, I found my core, who I was and who I wanted to work with. She gave me back what I want the most: Time. [...]She helped me to stay focused and always improving for the best. She made it different. She made me feel comfortable with the entire process.
Maria Rojas
Project Coordinator | Digital Marketer Specialist | Writer

Your First Step...


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  • Fully committed to change
  • Excited to be yourself as soon as posible, and live your best life


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  • Ready to change
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  • Ready to do it by yourself


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  • Thinking about changing
  • Willing to do something, but don’t know what
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